Limited parking is available at Birch Hill (2). Please consider carpooling from the Trax parking lot(1). There will also be a shuttle running on race days on the following schedule:
      3/13: Begin at 9:30am, end at 3:30pm
      3/14: Begin at 8:30am, end at 6:00pm
      3/16: Begin at 9:30am, end at 4:00pm
      Shuttle will run approximately every 15 minutes
There is also parking available just east of the main entrance (3). Continue around the traffic circle at the entrance gate and head east down Wilderness Drive about 100yards. There is a road heading off to the right which leads to a parking area with about 70 spaces. It is recommended that you have a 4WD or AWD vehicle to use this parking area as the entrance is a bit steep.
We will have parking attendants at Trax, Birch Hill entrance and the East lot.